Schools want to ban THIS, and many girls are furious

Schools across the country are putting a ban on leggings, and it seems students and parents alike are divided on the issue.

I'll be totally sincere: As a man, I love seeing women in leggings. They help accentuate the contours of a woman's lower body. If a woman has nice thighs and a great butt, leggings certainly help showcase them.

I have a hard time looking away when I see women in them at the gym. I would imagine by now they know it attracts male attention, thus one of the reasons they wear them in the first place.

Now, do I think girls in middle school and high school should wear them?

When trying to answer this question, I imagine having a daughter wearing them to school and receiving the kind of male attention I described above. Naturally, it makes me uneasy.

The issue is that a lot of women seem to wear leggings that look awfully tight on them -- so tight, in fact, that they ride up on their crotches and/or butts. Or, you could even see the woman's underwear through the leggings.

Again, as a man, it's a treat for the eyes when women my age or older do it, but I think it's inappropriate for a teenager to be dressing like that.

I think young girls should be allowed to wear them to school under one condition: they must also wear shirts, sweaters, or dresses that cover their fronts and bottoms. If they object to such a rule, then they shouldn't be granted permission to wear them.

I'm living proof that men can become sexually aroused at the mere sight of an attactive woman in leggings. Let's be realistic: Wearing leggings isn't the same as walking around in a pair of loose-fitting jeans. If women don't want to draw male attention, they shouldn't wear tight clothing.

Rest assured that if you wear clothing that accentuates your curves, legs or derriere, all eyes will be on you!

Do you think leggings should be banned in schools?

Do you wear leggings? Have you found them to attract a lot of attention from men?


Kim DeBerry said...

leggings are very comfortable and they go with most everything and they are warm bit maybe you sould wear a skirt or a long shirt if you are at school

How to Understand People said...

True. Thanks, Kim!

George said...

Omg. Go with everything? Kinda like Capri pants or cargo shorts? Leggings are never appropriate alone, unless you are a dancer. It's a poor fashion choice and it's distasteful. Come on ladies put in some effort or throw on some jeans. I'm over it. Gross.

Priscilla King said...

Not on the street, because I wear them under something baggy and knee-length for a salwar-kamiz look.

I've worn tight leggings in the pool...they didn't hold up too well, but did they ever attract attention!