Ladies: Would you date a guy THIS young?

I recently read an article online that talked about a guy who was dating a woman 25 years older than him. I've heard or read about other cases where the age disparity is even wider.

In a May post titled COUGARS: Here's what older women like about younger men..., I talked about the many reasons women pursue guys 10 to 20 years their junior. Among them were the impulse to feel younger and the allure of teaching sexually inexperienced men a few new tricks in bed.

If I were single, I wouldn't mind going on a few dates with someone, say, 20 years older than me, but I'd probably resist the urge to turn it into a long-term thing.

My in-laws are 20 years apart (she's in her mid 50s, he's in his mid 70s), and I see all the struggles my wife's mom faces daily. From having to be on top of his medications to bolting to the hospital whenever he takes an unexpected tumble and injures himself, her life has been reduced to one of a nurse. And this woman hasn't even hit 60 yet -- she still has a lot of life in her.

I realize there will come a time when my wife and I will become old, saggy, and more reliant on each other -- and others -- to get through the day.  I am just 4 months older than her. But I can't imagine how tough it must be for a person in his or her 50s to have to attend to their partner this way. It's safe to say they probably miss out on enjoying life as much as other people in their age group.

That's something my mother-in-law failed to think about when she first hooked up with this man. It's hard to do when you're young and in love. At that point, you care only about the present.

I get the excitement that can come over people when they're dating and sleeping with an older, more experienced man or woman. As I noted in the COUGARS post, it works out nicely when neither person wants anything serious. But when one starts developing feelings, that's when you know you're on dangerous terrain.

So,'s your turn to give your two cents.

Would you date a guy 10 years older? 20 years older? What's the widest acceptable age gap in your book?

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