SHOCKING: Man has permanent erection after doing THIS...

A 21-year old Iranian man has a permanent erection after getting his penis tatooed. Ouch!

The man apparently suffers from priapism, a condition in which an erection not caused by sexual stimulation lasts over four hours. The man's penis became semi-erect after he apparently bled from tissue deep within the organ.

He decided to pay doctors a visit after the erection hadn't gone away for three months. After ruling out a urinary tract infection, leukemia, and other causes, doctors said that the tattoo was likely the culprit. They believe the handheld needle used to create the design may have been inserted too deeply.

The doctors determined that blood was still flowing in and out of the man's penis -- which is known in the medical community as nonischemic priapism. Essentially, blood is entering the penis faster than it can go out, leaving the penis permanently erect as a result of increased pressure.

Doctors recommended a shunt procedure to drain excess blood, which unfortunately did not work. Since the man can still have sex and isn't in any pain, he does not want to undergo any more procedures.

Two questions crossed my mind after reading about this story:

1. Has the guy sued the tattoo artist? I am not sure if clients are required to waive their right to sue for negligence before the work begins, but gee...I really feel for the guy!

2. What in the world does he do to cover up that erection? I can only imagine his wearing several layers of clothes and taking other drastic measures to conceal this.

Now, I know everyone is going to start throwing puns at me like we did for the woman who wanted to have sex with a tree. The floor is yours. Here's one to break the ice: This must be "hard" on the poor guy.

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