Men care about looks, women care about this...

While men become preoccupied with women's looks, many women make men's resources one of the top items on their wish list -- despite the fact that many of them may deny this.

It's no secret that most men make considerably more money than their female counterparts in the workplace. What's more, women were hit especially hard by the recession, with some still struggling to land positions that pay as well as the jobs they lost during the downturn.

Two of my closest friends are in relationships with women who aren't nearly as well off as them. But I see this quite frequently with women at work -- it's their husbands who seem to be retiring first, and, yes -- the men are older.

There may be instances where the woman in the relationship just doesn't want to work hard and figures she can just lean on her guy, the more ambitious of the two, for financial support.

Nevertheless, a woman who says she doesn't care at all about a man's resources is likely being dishonest.

Who really wants to end up with someone who's completely broke? 

Women appreciate a man who has the financial means to pick them up, take them out to dinner, and buy them a nice gift every now and then.

I realize there's always the possibility that she could be better off than he is, but I find that to be the exception rather than the rule.

When a woman gets into a relationship with a man -- let alone marries him -- her financial picture tends to change for the better.

I just don't buy into the notion of a woman wanting a man only for his good heart or big muscles. In fact, one who desires something long-term is going to place a premium on a man having the resources to support her.

If he isn't at least working toward improving his financial situation, he is deemed unfit to be the father -- and provider -- of her children.

Men, for their part, wouldn't mind a woman who has a nice stash saved up, but they tend to give far less importance to this. Most still feel that the man should be the breadwinner of the family and thus making more money.

While we've seen a relaxing of these gender roles, there's no denying that:

  • If a man finds a woman very attractive, all he cares about is either getting her digits or into bed -- whether she has $3 or $3 million in the bank.
  • It doesn't hurt if the guy is as hunky as Matthew McConaughey. If he is scraping the barrel just to get by, he is not marriage material.
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