Do you have Isolophilia? Find out...

You're probably asking yourself, "What in the world does Isolophilia mean?"

It sounds like it would be something negative, doesn't it?  After all, words that end in "philia" (e.g., pedophilia) tend to involve things we want nothing to do with.

But Isolophilia isn't something all people deplore. In fact, introverts like me welcome it.

Put simply, Isolophilia is defined as having a strong affinity for solitude. It describes a person who relishes being alone.

While extroverts can only take so much solitude, we introverts find that it rejuvenates us. In order to recharge our batteries, we need to retreat to a quiet environment where we we're left alone to rest and/or gather our thoughts.

Extroverts, on the other hand, become bored and drained when they're alone for a lengthy period of time. Social interaction is the fuel that drives them.

So while an extrovert would probably do anything to avoid feelings of Isolophilia in most cases, an introvert would be amenable to them.

I crave solitude all the more after a busy day at work or social function that involves incessant small talk. Introverts become energized by conversations that revolve around deep subjects ranging from economics to science.

Still, there are times where we prefer our own company to that of other people, like-minded or otherwise. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that.

Society has a nasty habit of making us feel like we're weirdos for wanting alone time. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

A person might see someone by themselves-- say, sitting on a bench at the park -- and think, "That poor fellow must be lonely." But being alone and feeling lonely are completely different. The former is something people can seek out and enjoy; the latter usually carries a negative connotation.

People seek solitude in varying degrees depending on their personality and other factors. No one should ever put anyone else down for wanting too much or too little of it.

Whether you want to call it introversion, solitude, or Isolophilia, a person's need for solitude should be respected. Some people don't realize how beneficial it is for others -- and could be for themselves.

Had you ever heard of Isolophilia before? Have you ever had such a deep need for solitude before?

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