SURPRISING: Something many women don't do every day...

I recently read an article in The Telegraph about a study that revealed that four out of five women don't shower every day.

The survey also found that almost two thirds of the participants couldn't be bothered removing make-up before going to bed, and one in eight owned up to not brushing their teeth before turning in for the night.

Even more surprising was that one in three women admitted to going as many as three days without washing their face or body at all.

Moreover, 89 percent of the women stated that they would like to improve their body hygiene, but blamed morning or evening tiredness for their tendency to pass on bathing.

What these findings tell me is that between marriage, jobs, children, and other responsibilities, women are more strapped for time than ever before. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, it seems. Although a woman need only allocate a few minutes of her day for a quick shower, when she is feeling exhausted, that time seems better spent getting much-needed rest. The shower can always wait, but the body shuts down once it has been taxed too heavily.

I don't see it as a big deal -- that is, until people start detecting foul odors emanating from you. Let's be realistic: all of us have gone at least one day in our lives without showering. It happens. But the fact that one in three women go a whopping three days without showering is quite puzzling. I think it's important to keep good hygiene, especially when you have to interact with co-workers and clients each day. And that includes brushing one's teeth. The last thing anyone wants is for his or her boss to criticize you for your stinky breath.

Ladies, be honest: Do you shower every day? What's the most number of days you've gone without showering? One day? Three?  And what do you think about the findings of the study cited above?

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Angel Shimai said...

I live in a very dry place and actually it's not that uncommon to skip a day for showering. Not because of hygiene or laziness but because your skin and hair dries out so much that it's just hard on your skin. I always wash my face, morning and night, and I brush my teeth as well. In all my relationships, hygiene has never been a problem. It's just a dessert here.

Angel Shimai said...

P.s. that being said, I rarely skip more than one day.