A haunted house so scary, you need a waiver to get in!

There's a haunted house in Tustin, Calif. that is reportedly so scary, you have to sign a waiver to enter!

Created by Robbie and Heather Luther, "The 17th Door," as the terrifying house is called, takes guests on blood-curdling ride through the twisted imaginations/realities of a college freshman named Paula, whose demons come back to haunt her.

The 17th Door has been months in the making, and the creators' hard work has apparently paid off. The only way you can get out is by uttering the word "mercy," which hundreds of people have already done.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill haunted house. According to Heather Luther, it's an immersive experience unlike any other -- so much so that you can expect to get wet and touched. If you're adamant about no one intruding on your personal space, this place is not for you. The house features a bevy of costumed monsters ready to send chills up your spine.

I have never been one for scary entertainment, and I'd be even less inclined to try it out when the venue requires that you sign a waiver. Still, they are getting hordes of visitors each day, proving that the demand for this kind of gory fun is alive and well.

Would you ever pay to go into a haunted house this scary?  Do you like going to them at all?

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