Most women seem to prefer men with this...

Over the past few weeks, I've asked 12 women whether they prefer men with facial hair or without. The result? Eighty three percent (10 in total) said they'd choose stubble over the clean look.

I find this interesting because, from what I remember, plenty of girls I went to college with swore by the clean, boyish look.

It could be that as a woman gets older, she begins to lean in favor of a more manly look. With exception to so-called cougars, it seems most women don't want a partner who looks, say, ten years her junior. Facial hair, after all, makes men look older and more mature.

My wife has told me countless times that she prefers I leave my goatee. She actually whines each time I shave it off, but I remind her she need only wait a couple of days for most of it to grow back.

I liken this preference to men who prefer that women have long hair. In case you didn't know, most of us do, as it makes women look more feminine.

If you haven't noticed, actors who play the role of the villain (think Robert de Niro in "Heat" and Denzel Washington in "Training Day") tend to sport facial hair, whether beards or goatees.

Hmm, could it be that many women associate the rugged look with "bad boy" and feel the clean look screams "innocent"?

What do you think, ladies?  Do you find facial hair more attractive?  Do your female friends and relatives share your preference?

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