What would you do if...

...you were told that you had to rid yourself of all your possessions (excluding food, drink, water, medicine, clothing, and other essentials) -- except for only one.

Which one item would you keep?

Remember, we're talking about things that would be considered non-essentials -- wants rather than needs. You could only stay with one.

I'll break the ice.

As hard as it would be to kiss my beloved books goodbye, I think I would choose either my cell phone or laptop.

Keeping one not only ensures I have the means to contact others, but I can use either the phone or laptop to avail of free Wi-Fi at a nearby Starbucks or McDonald's. Such gadgets also offer great entertainment value in the sense you can use them to play games and listen to music. As if that weren't enough, they have more practical applications, e.g., you can create Word documents on them.

I realize there's no easy answer here. For example, men would have to forego things like porn and condoms; women would have to ditch the makeup and scrunchies.

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