OBAMA: Would he win a 3rd term?

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama left some scratching their heads over remarks he made regarding running for a third term.

During a speech he gave in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Obama certainly sounded like he wanted to spend another four years in office. Though the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution expressly limits the elected president to two terms in office, Obama stated that if he were given the opportunity to run, he think he'd win.

I beg to differ.

There's a term in marketing called "advertising wearout," whereby the more a viewer is exposed to an ad, the less of an influence it exerts on him or her. There's a reason why marketers have to refresh their ad campaigns sporadically. People get tired of seeing the same spokespeople and hearing the same pitches over and over again.

I think the same applies to Obama, much like it does for previous presidents who served two terms. The American people are ready for a fresh face -- they're yearning to listen to a different tune after nearly eight years of the same rhetoric.

Obama sounds awfully confident in his ability to win a third consecutive election, but let's face it. Many Americans are still unhappy with the situation in which the country still finds itself. People are still out of work. Wages are still stagnant. There's a lot of work that still needs doing, and people are just itching for him to pass the presidential mantle to someone else -- anyone else.

Thus, many people are convinced that a new and different presence in the Oval Office might offer the promise for a better tomorrow.

If Obama were allowed to run a third time, do you think he'd win? Why or why not?

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Andy B said...

Well despite the Monica fiasco, I think Slick Willy would have crushed W if he had been able to run again. Peace and prosperity will motivate people to look past an indiscretion or two...

Jeff M. said...

I agree, Andy. Thanks for commenting!