News: Woman sent home from work for doing WHAT?

A JCPenney employee was sent home from work for wearing shorts that the company deemed too revealing. But wait, it gets better.

Get this: She purchased the shorts at none other than JCPenney!  Her employer didn't seem to care where the clothes came from -- only that it violated the dress code.

The woman, Sylva Stoel of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, said she never learned at the company orientation that dressing in this way wasn't in keeping with dress policy. After being asked repeatedly to go home and change, the self-proclaimed feminist decided to quit instead.

Stoel asserted that she's fed up with dress codes that target women, adding that such codes tend to be sexist. She said she bought the shorts thinking they were professional, considering they showed nothing but her legs.

My view: I don't think she was being dishonest when she said she had no clue wearing shorts went against the dress code. However, once Stoel was told it did and was asked to go home and change, she failed to handle the situation diplomatically. Why couldn't she have just gone and put on a pair of pants instead?

You can always wear shorts at your leisure outside of work. I don't understand why the woman blew this out of proportion. Perhaps she didn't care all that much about keeping this job. Or, it's very likely this was all a publicity stunt to attract attention -- and if that was the case, she succeeded!

Do you think Sylva Stoel was justified in her behavior, or did she display immaturity in her handling of the situation?

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