Two of the BIGGEST gender stereotypes

Although the list of gender stereotypes that exist in the world today goes on forever, there are two in particular that seem firmly ingrained in many people's minds:

1. All women should be good cooks.

2. All men should be handy. 

Here's a reality check for those who still subscribe to these decades-old stereotypes: Many women don't know how to cook, nor have they ever been interested in preparing anything other than a TV dinner. At the same time, many men -- including me -- are neither interested in nor adept at home repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

Some of us have a keen sense as to the things we like to do, and those we detest. As I've stated in earlier posts, I bought a condo instead of a house for one simple reason: I loathe maintenance. I'm not good at it and, quite frankly, would rather shell out the money for someone else to do the job. I love reserving my time outside of work for things about which I'm passionate, like writing and reading.

I have a couple of female friends who wouldn't be caught dead in a kitchen. They'd rather save more of their hard-earned money for eating out. I've told them that as long as they don't engage in wasteful spending (e.g., indulging at five-star restaurants every weekend), they have every right to do as they wish.

Not surprisingly (at least not to me), there are women who are better at, say, fixing cars and assembling furniture, than their male counterparts. Moreover, there are men who are better cooks than women. In fact, it's been said that the world's most renowned chefs are male.

It's time we stop putting men and women into stereotypical buckets. The world is changing. People have changed. We need to rid ourselves of such preconceived notions -- once and for all.

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