Here's how to savor your life MORE

Life is inevitably short. That's why we should aim to derive as much happiness from it as we can!

Hug a little tighter. Smile a little longer. Enjoy that cup of coffee to the last drop. Delight your palate with delectable foods. Let the warm sunshine melt your worries away. Allow the cool breeze to lull you to sleep. 

Take pleasure in the simple things in life. Don't get caught up in the acquisition of material goods. The sheer elation of owning a new product is only ephemeral. 

Instead, focus on experiences. Whether it's traveling to Poland or enjoying a relaxing jaunt or picnic with your partner at the park across the street, experiences at least leave us with deep, abiding memories.

Quit telling yourself that you'll do these things sometime in the future. Stop putting off for tomorrow what you can be doing today. 

There comes a point where we need a change of pace or scenery -- a break from the daily humdrum. It's not merely a matter of getting a much-needed breather; sometimes we need to press reset for the sake of our health. 

Do more of what makes you happy in life -- whether it's writing, swimming, coin collecting, or cavorting with friends. When you're down in the dumps, let positive thoughts -- those of cute animals, tranquil waterfalls, special moments with loved ones -- pervade your mind and supplant the negative ones. 

Don't let the daily hassles of life keep you from relishing the little things. Shift your focus as of today! Rather than allow work and worries to control your life, let love, laughter, and unbridled optimism be the order of the day.

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