Something you do that annoys others?

Is there anything you do that people around you find annoying?

Maybe you chew with your mouth open, have an obnoxious laugh, or share cheesy jokes.

In my case, people find my tendency to correct their spelling mistakes (via IM or text) off-putting.

But I can't help it. I'm a copywriter/editor/proofreader by trade, and I manage this blog on the side. Words are my passion. I'm a stickler for grammar, spelling, and punctuation because it's what I do for my job.

While some people are okay being a tad more lax when it comes to conversations with friends and loved ones, I strive for perfection at all times -- whether I'm writing an email at work, a post on this blog, or a text message to a buddy. I simply can't turn off the "sound professional" switch.

I will use the occasional "Lol" and other such acronyms, but I would never write something like, "wut does it mean 2 u?"

Some would call my stance a little extreme, but I enjoy being on the grammar police squad. As a writer, I feel I can't give myself any leeway to slack as far as words are concerned.

Is there anything you do that annoys others?

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