Open relationships...are they for everyone?

The answer is a resounding no -- at least in my book.

Open relationships have become more popular in recent years. Why? Because many people -- some following bad breakups and others because of a reluctance to commit to anyone -- are finding that they're happier keeping their options open.

That's fine. More power to them. Everyone has a right to do as they wish in their love life.

Personally, I would never agree to an open relationship. If there's something I expect in a relationship, it's loyalty. Exclusivity. Plus, I'd burn with jealousy at the thought of my partner fooling around with someone else.

I could never take someone who wants this kind of a relationship seriously. I'd be worried that she could leave me at any moment. I would want a partner who is committed to me and only me. I've always been a one-relationship-kind-of-guy and would feel guilty seeing different women simultaneously.

I can see open relationships being appealing to people in their late teens/twenties, but sooner or later most people would prefer to be exclusive with one person.

If the person you're dating proposes having an open relationship and you're not on board, kiss that person goodbye and find yourself someone who wants to remain monogamous.

I know this lifestyle works for some. It's just not for me.

What about you? Would you ever consider being in an open relationship? Why or why not?

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