Farewell to May, Hello to June

In the U.S., most people consider Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer. And rightfully so. This time of year, people hit the beach in droves, take exciting vacations, and fire up the barbecue virtually every weekend.

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of the month of May. It feels like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating Cinco de Mayo and, more recently, Mother's Day.

Hopefully, you found May a productive month and managed to achieve one or more goals, if not inch closer to that end.

If May was nothing to write home about -- maybe you didn't land that job you wanted, got dumped, or had to deal with a lot of crap at work -- you're certainly not alone.

A new month means being able to press the Reset button and start with a clean slate.

Whatever your goals, here's the chance to work even harder than you did last month toward accomplishing them.

Whatever your passions, June presents a fresh opportunity to indulge them with renewed vigor.

Forget about what went wrong in May -- the arguments, the mistakes, the regrets.

Instead, look forward to what can go right in June. Begin the month poised to make an impact -- in the lives of others, and on your own.

Be positive. Be hopeful. Work hard, but play hard too. Believe in yourself. Do what makes you feel alive. Embrace all the golden possibilities that the month of June affords you.

Remember, you can achieve anything you set out to do -- so long as you put in the required effort and never, ever quit!

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