CAN'T-MISS: Love is like...a fart?

A while back, I came across a rather amusing quote:

"Love is like a fart. If you have to force it, it's probably shit." 

I don't know who the source of the comical quote is, but he or she was spot on.

Love should never have to be forced. If one or both people in the relationship are forcing it, that raises a critical question: Why are they even together?

Either the chemistry is off, one or both individuals has grown bored, or, worse yet, they've fallen out of love altogether.

As I've noted in prior posts, once a couple passes the honeymoon stage, people's true colors emerge and the relationship begins to feel a little more like "work." Quirks about your partner that once seemed cute may begin to get on your nerves. As passion gradually gives way to complacency, partners may cease doing the little things that so endeared them to each other.

You know you're with the right person when:

  • You can be yourself around him or her
  • You share common interests, values, and beliefs
  • You can't picture yourself with anyone else
  • Picturing your partner with someone else engenders feelings of jealousy in you
  • You imagine yourself spending your whole life with the person 
When one or more of these is lacking, it signals that something in the relationship is off-kilter. 

Whoever feels as though they're forcing or feigning their love should be upfront about it. That way, they can end the relationship and each find someone with whom they're more compatible. Otherwise, the disinterested individual is wasting his/her time and that of their partner.

When a man or woman is truly in love, they'll stop at nothing to show it. They'll do whatever it takes to reel in and keep the other. They're committed to making it work.

I'm of the firm belief that you're better off single than in a bad relationship. Imagine being stuck in a relationship with someone you have no feelings for. It isn't fair to either of you.

Even if it takes longer, wait for that special someone. (Of course, you need to put yourself out there; true love doesn't merely fall into your lap.) Don't simply settle for the first person who comes your way if you know deep down they're not who you seek. And once he or she comes into your life, be sure to never take them for granted, for you may not get a second chance.

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