Farewell to March, Hello April

Can you believe it? One quarter of the year is in the books!

Whether you thought March was a productive month or an inefficient one -- thirty-one days of ample highs or far too many lows -- it's time to press the reset button and look forward to bigger and better things in April.

Perhaps you're aiming to lose weight, start your own business, travel to a new destination, or learn a new language. No matter your goals, April presents a fresh opportunity to pursue them with renewed vigor.

Some people say it's ridiculous to see the first day of the month as affording an opportunity to start anew, but I find that, mentally, it is advantageous, especially if you had a rough go in the waning days of the prior month.

Sometimes the mere thought that the last month is behind us -- that a new month brings new promise -- puts us in a positive frame of mind, fueling us with increased energy and ambition.

This month, I aim to read more, write more, and smile more than I did in March. I strive to be more thankful for my blessings -- most notably, the people who most enrich my life. I look to resist my sometimes-interminable urge to sweat the small stuff and just enjoy the moment.

And while I succeeded at resuming my gym routine last month, I aim to go at least three or four times a week as opposed to only twice.

Time management, persistence, and (very often) luck are integral to achieving one's goals. But even more important is a hard work ethic. If you're not in it full throttle, you won't go very far.

And whenever you're tempted to throw in the towel, do away with those negative thoughts at once and soldier on. Sometimes our own negativity can be our worst enemy. Don't let it paralyze you; channel that negative energy into working even harder toward making your dreams a reality.

Here's to a great month of April!

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