Why deep relationships matter

Going back to my youth, there's one thing about me that has never once wavered: my affinity for deep relationships. 

Perhaps this explains why (1) I've kept a small circle of close friends my whole life, and (2) I've always sought serious commitments with girls, as opposed to men who sleep around for a few years before settling down.

It goes to show you that for me, it's always been about quality, not quantity.

I think having fewer people around minimizes the drama in one's life. The more people you know, the more social pressure you get to conform to others' views and agree with their opinions.

I make no effort to maintain superficial relationships in my life. Those people won't be there when I need them, so why even have them as a "friend" on Facebook?  Life isn't a popularity contest. Our high school days are long gone.

I have never had any patience for games. I know that makes me come across as a stiff, but I've always felt very mature for my age. I've passed up many would-be friendships and relationships after sensing that the other person was in it for the wrong reasons.

Thus, it's no surprise that I've been friends with my four closest friends for at least 14 years. Before marrying my wife -- we've been together for 12 years -- I'd never had a long-term relationship, as all the girls who seemed interested in me didn't appear to want anything long-term.

I may not have ample experience when it comes to friends and lovers, but I think my life is better because of it. Depth means more to me than breadth. It's nice to know that I have a pretty long, rich history with almost every single person in my immediate circle. I can only hope all the relationships will continue to flourish for the rest of my life. 

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