THIS person completes you

It isn't your partner in life. It isn't your best friend. It's you.

If you don't love yourself, how do you expect to love others?

If you don't believe in yourself, how can you believe in those around you?

It all starts with you. Happiness resides on the inside. Material items and other people may make you happier in the beginning, but if deep down you aren't happy with yourself, that feeling is ephemeral.

You should never rely on a partner or friend to complete you. A significant other, friend or relative only enhances your life, not completes it. It's unfair to put that kind of burden on another human being.

And let's face it: People aren't always dependable. When least expected, they may cheat on, lie to, or backstab you. Or, they may not be around one day when you really need them. What then?

You should never rely upon external factors like people and material stuff to make you feel happy or complete.

The things that give us the most fulfillment us are intangible in nature -- causes, hobbies, passions, experiences.

Such things neither wither nor hurt you like products and people can. They remain embedded in your memory and stamped in your heart, sometimes for your entire life.

With people, there is just too much uncertainty involved. You have no control over how they'll think or act from one day to the next. Relying on others to feel complete opens the door to feeling as though you're not getting what you're putting into the relationship.

Happiness emanates from within. No one can alter your mood like you can. No one can change your attitude like you can. In other words, no one completes you but yourself.

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