Solitude is NOT a bad thing

No matter how forcefully society may try to push forward the notion that solitude is something to be avoided, I relish it more and more each day.

With all the noise we deal with on a daily basis -- chatty coworkers in the office, rambunctious kids at home, intrusive advertisements on TV -- we NEED to carve out some time for ourselves, even if it's a mere hour per week.

Whether we want to gather our thoughts or clear our heads, it's very difficult to do so with people interrupting us. Sometimes we have no choice but to do it outside the home at a quiet locale like the local park or library.

The fact you enjoy solitude doesn't make you weird, antisocial, or -- the most irritating of them all -- lonely.

Maybe you're an introvert who draws energy inward and needs to spend time alone in order to recharge. Maybe you dream up your best creative ideas when no one else is around. That doesn't make you awkward -- it makes you human!

Being lonely and being alone are not one and the same. When you're lonely, you wish others were there with you. When you're alone, your own company may very well be sufficient.

It's time we dispel the notion that craving solitude is something that merits fixing. Not everyone wants to rub elbows with large groups of people. Not everyone wants to live in a big, noisy house. You can't paint the whole population with that broad a brush.

If you haven't already, give solitude a chance. You'll find you can get in touch with your thoughts and make sense of the world in a way you can't when surrounded by other people.

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