Ever heard or used this word before?

The word of the day is laconic. To be laconic is to use very few words. Synonyms for laconic include terse, pithy, brief, concise, and succinct.

I'm the perfect example of someone who's laconic. I don't like talking unless I have something meaningful to say and I've thought through my words carefully. That's why, when I actually have something to say, people shut up and listen. 

I only wish that people who tend to blab others' ear off realized that they can be laconic and drive their point home without providing so much detail. Sometimes we don't need to hear the whole backstory, you know?

Small talk, chitchat, blabber, babble -- it's all anathema to me. The only form of communication through which I'm known to employ many words? In writing, of course, as you can probably tell from this blog!

Had you ever heard or used the word laconic before reading this post?

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