Don't try to be liked by EVERYONE

Those who try too hard to be liked by everyone demonstrate two things: (1) they're insecure (2) they need others' approval/validation to feel better about themselves.

They're the ones who cunningly adapt their personality to get in the other person's good graces. Consequently, they come off as being less genuine, willing to do almost anything to bolster their appeal. For example, they might say they share your passion for baseball or gardening when, in reality, they wouldn't be caught dead watching a game or fiddling with soil.

I like to call these people fakes, charlatans, posers.

There's a fine line between being gregarious and trotting out a deceptive persona. I urge people to be true to themselves -- to let the real them shine through. No one says that everyone has to like you. No one says you need the approval of all those around you.

The day you relinquish the need for others' validation is the day you'll feel much happier in and about your life. Never compromise your beliefs, change your opinions, or succumb to social pressure just for the sake of being liked by more people.You never know when those very people will turn their backs on you, or if they truly like you at all.

Take the masks off. Do away with the facades. Present the most authentic version of yourself. If other people have a problem with it, they have no business being in your life.

It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not, but this doesn't seem to register in some people's brains. Unfortunately, they're the ones who end up getting burned in the end.

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