Do ALL women fall for bad boys?

In my last post, I argued that men's biggest complaint about women is that they generally don't know what they want in the arena of relationships. Some claim to want a nice, sweet guy, but they still end up with the exact opposite. What they say they want and what they actually go for don't always square.

Does this mean that all women have a preference for bad boys?

Nope, not at all.

What all women do want, as I pointed out in that earlier post, is a man with confidence. Because these bad boy types exude self-confidence (sometimes women mistake cockiness for confidence, however), women find themselves drawn to them.

A guy can still be nice and romantic as long as he does it in small doses. No woman wants a man to worship the ground she walks on, as it communicates that the guy is needy and trying to supplicate to her. That just isn't the way to build attraction.

A guy who doesn't seem sure of himself and always looks to his partner for approval is not doing himself any favors. Women want their partners to be firm in their thoughts, beliefs, and decisions. They don't want to feel as if they're the ones in charge. If he doesn't believe in himself, why should she?

Contrary to popular belief, most women don't get very hung up on a guy's looks or how much money he has. While those certainly help, they're just icing on the cake.

Confidence, though, can make the difference between a girl feeling attracted to someone or sending him to the dreaded friend zone. Oftentimes, women themselves can't explain why they feel this way.

Perhaps it's an instinctual imperative to find someone who oozes confidence. In a woman's mind, confidence translates into strength and means the man will likely be better equipped to protect her and their offspring. When you look at it this way, it's not surprising that so many men go to great lengths to project wealth (e.g., a luxurious car, huge house, etc.), as it signals that he has the means to provide for her and the kids.

Mind you, confidence can be faked. Just because a guy lacks or is unable to fake confidence doesn't mean he's doomed to be alone his whole life. However, depending on a woman's attractiveness and how many suitors are lined up to ask her on a date, she may insist on a confident man as a way of weeding out the nice guys who try to buy her affection with gifts and compliments.

Do you agree?

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