Not getting what you want can be a good thing

They say people always want what they can't have. But there are times when not getting what we want can wind up being a blessing in disguise.

For example, I've gotten turned down for jobs, only to learn a year or so later that the company went out of business. I've also been dumped or rejected by women who have gone on to cheat on their husbands or had kids at a very young age, with the father no longer in the picture.

It can be very upsetting when we are unable to get what we want, prompting us to question why such things happen to good people.

But little do we know that an even better opportunity lies in the horizon. Once it arrives, we breath a sigh of relief at knowing that the first one fell through.

Such a scenario played out a few years ago while my wife and I went condo hunting. We couldn't get financing for the first property we made an offer for because the high number of delinquent owners at the property made our bank flinch.

At the time, we were very disappointed, but it would end up being a fortuitous event, for we later found a much better property for a much cheaper price.

Sometimes things don't go according to plan, and yet they work out in the end better than we could ever hope for. It's like taking a detour while out on the road -- you may find a better, quicker route to your destination after enduring road closures and hellish traffic with your initial route.

Just because one door's been closed doesn't mean another can't open that will lead to something even better. Don't lose faith. Stay positive. Believe the best is yet to come and you'll eventually find it.

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