Inspiring words for the new week

Guess what? You are not going to have a good week. You're going to have a great one!

Forget about all the things that went wrong over the last seven days. This new week offers the chance to press the reset button and start over.

Seven days to resolve problems. Seven days to work toward your goals. Seven days to find pleasure in great meals, new experiences, and fresh interactions with your friends and loved ones.

Whatever you do, do not focus on the negative. Instead, try to be more optimistic. Believe you can accomplish those goals. Believe you will get through those storms. Believe you will emerge a stronger, wiser person at the end of this coming week than a week ago.

You can only achieve such outcomes by believing in yourself and opening yourself up to new opportunities. Don't be afraid of being ambitious. Don't be afraid of taking risks. Don't be reluctant to go against the grain.

This is your life to live. Make every day worth it. You're capable of great things, so don't settle for less. Go for what you want it life and make every moment count!

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