THIS happens to many of us in the New Year

It's only January 4, but you'd be surprised how quickly some people break their New Year's resolution(s).

I've resolved to accomplish two things from the get-go: (1) Lose weight, and (2) Read every single day.

So far, I've done just that, losing a pound within the last two days while reading at least five pages daily.

After the novelty of the New Year has worn off, it can be all too tempting to crawl back into our comfort zone. But we must resist the urge to revert to our old ways, whether it be snacking at all hours of the day or always putting exercise on the back burner.

The New Year provides the opportunity to start anew -- physically, mentally and emotionally -- and that means pressing the "reset" button rather than the "rewind" button.

A person can begin working toward their goals any day of the year -- whether January 1, April 20, or September 30. But somehow, the start of the year gives one the feeling of starting with a clean slate.

No matter what you aim to accomplish this year, I wish you only the best. And no matter how tempted you may be to give up in the face of tough challenges, don't do it!

The steeper the climb, the sweeter the triumph.

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