Let go of yesterday

What happened yesterday is only a distant memory now.

Turn the page and look forward to what today will bring.

If there's one certainty in life, it's that life goes on.

What happened yesterday is a springboard to new experiences that await us today and in the future.

But we must resist the urge to harp on things we can no longer revisit except in our thoughts.

Whether what occurred yesterday was favorable or negative, we cannot remain in the same point in time for too long.

Experiences help us learn and grow, and great ones are certainly worth reminiscing about every so often.

But if we dwell too much on what happened yesterday, we inhibit ourselves from progressing.

Obviously, everyone aims to live as happy a life as possible -- one chock-full of magnificent experiences.

But that won't happen if we remain enmeshed in the past.

Always remain forward-looking. If yesterday was a lousy day, guess what? Today can be a whole lot better so long as you believe it to be possible.

If yesterday was a great day, more power to you, but remember to keep a pragmatic outlook: today could be worse, but if it is, you'll have better days to look forward to again.

There are sunny days and then there are dark, rainy ones. Both come and go, and neither lasts too long.

The point is that no matter what today is like, we need to keep moving. Time does not stand still. Life is short, and it's up to us to make every moment count.

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