The only constant in relationships is THIS

Just like the only constant in life is change, the same can be said for relationships.

Can you point to a relationship in your life -- whether with a friend, your partner, or an old coworker -- that is exactly the same as when you first met the person?

Relationships evolve, just like the people in them. They go hand in hand.

Experiences and lifestyle changes lead to changes in both individuals, which in turn effects change in the relationship.

If that weren't so, we'd remain very close with every person we've called a friend. But we all know factors like distance, scheduling conflicts, our job, marriage, and kids can change the dynamics of a relationship.

It isn't always easy to swallow such changes, but that's what life is all about -- adapting to changing circumstances.

Sometimes people change for the better -- like when they give up smoking, become more helpful around the house, and so on.

In other cases, however, people can behave in ways detrimental to the relationship.

Right now, one of my friendships is on the brink of dissolving, thanks in large part to my friend's inability to remember he has friends once he enters into a new relationship. He left me high and dry before his last relationship went kaput. He then came crawling back, and I reluctantly gave him a second chance. This time, I won't be so generous.

You can't control what people will say or do. What you can control is how you react to such behavior. Once you've had enough, you can simply pull the plug.

The people you're closest to today may not be the same ones who celebrated with you at your wedding, or who will be there once you hit your retirement years.

How many of those who have gotten divorced ever thought there's was even the slightest chance they wouldn't spend the rest of their lives with their spouse? Probably not too many.

People serve a purpose in our lives, but that doesn't mean they're meant to stay in them forever -- nor does it imply that our bond with them will always be the same.

Indeed, embracing change -- in our lives, in our relationships -- is a pivotal and sometimes difficult part of the human experience.

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