MUST-READ: You won't believe what this guy did!

Jasper Fiorenza, 24, was arrested after the owner of the home he was trying to burglarize in Florida caught him in the act.

When the victim awoke to find Fiorenza standing at the foot of her bed, she yelled for him to get out of her house, but he didn’t run.

Instead, he crouched at the end of her bed and pet her cat!

The victim again yelled at Fiorenza to get out of her house. He stood up, said “Hey” and started to amble out of her house.

Undercover detectives followed Fiorenza as he went back to the victim’s property on Wednesday, when he was arrested. Detectives identified Fiorenza by a fingerprint on the victim’s bedroom door. He told police that he “must have been drunk."

He was arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling and resisting arrest without violence.

As a condition of his bond, the judge required that Fiorenza refrain from contacting the victim and wear a GPS tracking device.

I'm glad the lady who spotted the intrepid thief in her home didn't get hurt, and that authorities were able to arrest him so quickly. Finding a stranger in one's home is scary enough to give a person a heart attack, but luckily the woman chose to act decisively rather than shriek in terror.

It's hard to believe that the guy had the audacity to return to the lady's home. He must not have felt intimidated by her in the slightest and probably assumed he'd continue to get away with it.

That he would pet the woman's cat with no hesitation after being ordered to leave provides a funny twist. Perhaps the man is a cat lover and he couldn't resist. I can only imagine what was running through the victim's mind at that moment; she probably assumed he'd hurt the fur ball.

Police haven't provided any clues as to Fiorenza's motive, but I hope it prompted the victim to increase her home's security, whether by adding extra locks or installing a security system. I also hope Fiorenza learned a lesson from this: If you try breaking into someone else's property, prepared to face the consequences!

What do you think of this story -- especially the fact that a thief would stop to pet a cat in the midst of a robbery attempt?

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