Here's what you should tell nosy people

The next time someone tries prying into your affairs, tell them to mind their own business!

Easier said than done, right?  Sometimes the situation and people involved call for a more tactful approach. You wouldn't tell the person off if it's your boss or in-law.

So what is someone to do if they don't people meddling in their lives?

What always works for me is simply changing the subject.

Once you see they're attempting to dig up personal details on your life, talk about any other topic to take the focus off of you -- whether it's the weather, sports, or food.

What's so ironic about nosy people is that they tend to be very interested in others' lives but very secretive about their own.

It goes without saying that you should never divulge confidential information to these individuals. Before you know it, they've gone and told the whole block, even if you've sworn them to secrecy.

One of the nosiest questions I'm asked is how much I paid for something, whether it's my condo or car. Unless I'm very close to someone, I simply don't cough up that kind of information freely.

The reason people do this is because they have a tendency to compare themselves with other people. For example, if your neighbor just bought a $40,000 car, they may casually ask how much you paid for yours. If it turns out you purchased a much cheaper car, it just might give them the huge ego boost they've been longing for.

People don't just probe for the sake of it -- there's usually an ulterior motive in play.

When someone asks you something you don't wish to answer, who says you have to?  Try turning
 it back on them and see if they like it.

We need to respect each others' boundaries. We all have different notions of what makes a nosy person. It's up to us to make sure others have an idea as to what constitutes crossing the line.

Sometimes people may not even realize they're being nosy; in such cases, letting them know you'll pass or changing the subject altogether works best.

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