Don't look back -- look ahead!

Rather than harping on the past, look to the future.

A new year -- one full of fresh, exciting possibilities -- looms ahead.

Don't fixate on the things you didn't accomplish this year -- focus on the ones you will achieve in 2017.

If you came across a few forks in the road in 2016, aim to work even harder in the coming months toward meeting -- or surpassing -- your goals, whether it's losing 20 pounds, going on 20 dates, or visiting 20 cities.

Build on your mistakes rather than ruminate on them. Even the most famous people in history -- from Michael Jordan to Thomas Edison -- failed on numerous occasions before hitting it big. If life knocks you down, show it the true meaning of perseverance by getting up again and trying three times harder!

The promise of achieving great new things in our lives certainly keeps it interesting. If we had nothing to strive for, our lives would forever remain in a holding pattern.

If there's nothing to challenge us, we're simply stagnant. If we're not broadening our horizons, we're not growing. Indeed, continually working hard and learning while overcoming challenges along the way gives us yet another reason to wake up in the morning.

And this goes without saying: Don't align yourself with people who try to get in the way of your goals. Instead, cultivate relationships with people who believe in you -- people who aren't guided by jealousy or envy and genuinely want you to succeed.

We all know life is short. It's never too early to take the first step toward making your dreams a reality. Why wait until tomorrow when you can get a head start today?

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