Do you hate it when people do THIS?

I can't stand it when people try too hard to be liked by others. It always leads me to think that they're desperate for others' approval, seeking validation for everything from their choice of partner to their hobbies.

They can't enough likes on Facebook. They do anything for compliments and attention.


Why must people be so dependent on other people to be happy? Why does their approval wield such a powerful influence in their lives?

Here's the truth: The more people yearn to be liked by those around them, the less happy they are with themselves. They figure that if they aren't getting pats on the back every so often, there must be something wrong with them. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

Some people seek others' validation as a way of compensating for low self esteem, depression, or other negative outcomes.

What they fail to understand is that such approval can end any day on short notice, and for whatever reason. Maybe you and the person have a falling out of sorts, or perhaps they grow tired of having to stroke another's ego.

We all like to be treated well, but most of us can sense when someone's politeness is excessive and doesn't quite come across as genuine.

If someone is being that nice to you, it's probably for a reason: either they want a favor, or they're fishing for positive comments/feedback to feel better about themselves.

In my view, these individuals need to stop trying so hard to win others' respect and approval and work on becoming more content with and within themselves.

To be liked by a small circle of great friends in your life means so much more than being liked by everyone on the face of the planet.

But again: It all begins with you. If you can't validate things in your life as they stand, why should you let other people do it for you?  Your opinion should count more -- it's your life!

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