Here's a cool fact you didn't know

Did you know that there's a town in Alaska with 220 residents who all live in the same 14-story building?

Indeed, the tiny southwestern town of Whittier, which sees roughly 22 feet of snow each year, is like a secluded world of its own.

The town's school, hospital, church, city government, and even a grocery store are all housed in the 14-story Begich Towers Incorporated.

Rumor has it that some folks have not stepped outside BTI for weeks, months and possibly even years. Interestingly, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel links the Seward Highway south of Anchorage with Whittier and is the only land access to the town

Residents work in commercial fishing, tourism, and recreation, or for the state ferry and railroad. Most of them have homes in the tower, as though they were occupying separate bedrooms in one huge house.

How interesting is that?

Picture everyone in your town or city living in the same building. It's hard to fathom, isn't it?

I can only imagine how isolated these people must feel at times, as if they're cut off from the rest of civilization.

Would you ever consider living in Whittier?

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