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I've had a few of my readers tell me that they've hit a rough patch of late, so I thought it apropos to write an uplifting post this morning to get everyone's weekend off to a magnificent start.

There's no question that life is hard and often unfair. Bad things happen to good people all the time. We're confronted with tough situations we never saw coming, and sometimes such challenges seem insurmountable.

But I'm here to tell you that every storm passes. As long as you stay strong and keep hope alive, you will get through it. The only thing in life that has no remedy is death. If the problems you're facing are not life-and-death, you can -- you will -- overcome them.

Whether you recently got out of a bad relationship, unexpectedly lost your job, or are not on speaking terms with a longtime friend, one day you'll look back on it all and say, "I didn't see it back then, but things really did turn out for the best."

Human beings have a remarkable penchant for perseverance. We get knocked down, but we get up again. We have a knack for adapting to whatever curveballs life throws our way. These experiences strengthen our resolve and better prepare us for the next time we encounter such a fork in the road.

But you must never give up.

Never think a problem is too much for you too handle. Let your optimism and faith buoy you up. Don't be shy or afraid to seek support from friends nor family in whom you trust.

You are a wonderful person. Think about it: there's no one on this planet who's exactly like you. You have so many gifts to offer the world.

Don't let the situation you're in take you to the depths of despair. Instead, think of it this way: the only way to go is up, right? Before you know it, you could be reaching the heights of joy!

Just take it one day at a time -- one step at a time. Breathe slowly. Focus on the good things in your life -- the ones other people would love to have. Be positive.

Remind yourself that with time, things will get better. As long as you're putting in the effort to improve the situation, it's only a matter of time before you break the dry spell.

Life has a way of rewarding people who work hard to achieve their goals.

Again, you're a fantastic individual. Have faith. Believe that you will get through this and you will. I know you will.

I always advise my readers to reach out to me (in private, if they prefer) if they need any advice. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always here for you!

Yesterday is gone. It's a new day, which means new possibilities and the chance to take another step in the right direction. Whenever the temptation strikes to give up, forge ahead and don't look back.

Keep your head up. You can do it. You will do it. You are an amazing person -- one capable and deserving of great things.

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