Feeling down? Doing this will help you

Little do some of us know how powerful positive affirmations can be when it comes to breaking out of our depression and/or getting in a better mood.

A moment ago, I came across a quote from George Washington that perfectly illustrates this point:

"Happiness depends more upon the internal frame of a person's mind than on the externals in the world."

Indeed, the mind exerts a much more powerful influence on our happiness than external factors -- from material possessions to others in our circle -- can.

Telling yourself things like "everything's going to be okay," "you'll get through this," and "stay positive" puts you in a positive frame of mind rather than a negative one.

When I've found myself down in the dumps, resorting to such positive affirmations has garnered me the strength to get up the next morning.

And if you feel embarrassed that other people might hear you "talking to yourself," no one says you can't recite these in your head. Not a single word actually has to come out of your mouth.

For maximum effect, breathe in and out slowly while you're doing this.

I like to think of positive affirmations as inner pep talks that allow you to press the reset button in your head, allowing you to clear all the negative clutter that is weighing you down.

This technique especially comes in handy when there's no one else around to lend an ear.

We have to face the hard truth that always depending on others to help you feel better can be a recipe for disaster. It might lead you to feel worse in the long run if they're not there when you need them.

That's why you need to be your own ace in the hole. Talk yourself into feeling better by focusing on positive things: positive aspects of your personality, situations in the past where you overcame long odds to achieve something noteworthy, how bright the future is for you and how much brighter it will be once you get out of the funk you're in.

Tell yourself that you are a strong, resilient person, and that no matter how hard life can try to knock you down, you'll remain firm -- firm on both feet, firm in your convictions.

The light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how evasive it may seem at times, awaits you. You will get through this, but you must resolve to summon every last bit of optimism in you.

Remember, you are a wonderful person whose done many great things for yourself and for other people. Hitting a rough patch doesn't do anything to change that.

You know what it does mean, right? That you'll persevere and only emerge stronger than you were before.

Sometimes the toughest moments we face -- those difficult situations that test our mettle and faith -- are really the ones that define us.

Deep down, we all know we bring immense value to this world and to the lives of our loved ones. Sometimes, we just need to hear it -- from ourselves.

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