Confidence means THIS

Being confident doesn't mean you think you're above anyone or everyone else -- that would actually define pomposity or conceit.

Instead, it describes a person who knows others dislike or are opposed to something about them -- whether their looks, beliefs, or overall lifestyle -- and they're okay with it. No matter how much you try prodding them to change, they remain immovable.

Here are a couple of examples of ways people are pressured to change: (1) They're pushed to smoke or drink (2) They're pushed to lose their virginity (if they remain a virgin into their 30s and 40s)  (3) They're pushed to be less quiet/more sociable (4) They're pushed to dress differently (5) They're pushed to date certain people (6) They're pushed into getting married and having children (7) They're pushed into certain careers.

The second you begin catering to others' whims, you turn your back on all the things that make you you. At that point, you're living your life on other people's terms rather than your own.

If you're happy being quiet, stay that way.

If you're happy being single or childfree, stand firm.

Never let others dictate what you should or should not do in your life -- unless you're deliberately seeking their advice and open to changing.

Never let someone make you feel as if you're not good enough simply because you don't do or like the things they do. 

Unfortunately, many people try to validate their own choices by foisting them on others. When they see someone whose life is a little different in some way, it causes them to question their own decisions, creating a sort of cognitive dissonance than be quite unsettling. 

The fact that I don't like alcohol continues to perplex some of my booze-loving friends and relatives. After I've spurned countless entreaties to drink, they've just about given up.

True confidence means never compromising on your interests and principles no matter how intense the pressure to change.

Ask yourself this: If certain people around you are having that hard of a time accepting you for who you are, do they really belong in your life?

If they genuinely care about you, they will appreciate your uniqueness rather than make it a sticking point in your relationship.

In sum, being confident doesn't have to imply you're full of yourself and look down on others. It means you're comfortable enough in your skin to thwart others' attempts to undermine or change aspects about yourself that you may truly covet.

Be confident, and never change for anyone unless it's something you really wish to do.

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