SHOCKING: You won't believe what this guy did

The things people do these days leaves me utterly flabbergasted.

A man named Rogelio Andaverde was abducted from his home -- right in front of his terrified wife no less -- by two masked gunmen in Edinburg, Texas. She immediately called the cops, who undertook a search for the 34-year-old, and was subjected to over 5 hours of questioning. 

To his wife's relief, he returned the next morning unharmed, claiming the kidnappers had let him go. But the cops weren't buying it; they found his story suspicious, and their doubts were not unfounded. 

Andaverde later confessed to staging the kidnapping just so he could go out for drinks with his friends!

Two of his buddies had posed as his abductors, both of whom were wearing masks to hide their faces and carrying guns.

Andaverde was arrested on charges of making a false report to police, later to be released on bail.

A person truly has to be desperate to pull off a stunt like this. Even if we were to assume that his wife is possessive and refuses to let him hang out with his friends, no one deserves being scared out of their wits this way. I wouldn't be surprised if his poor wife still feels traumatized after going through such an ordeal.

If I were in his wife's shoes, I would file for divorce right away (assuming she hasn't already) as well as a restraining order. How can you trust someone again after such a senseless act? I'd fear for my safety, thinking him capable of holding me at gunpoint himself next time. 

If he felt too confined in his marriage and wanted more time to spend with his friends, he should have done the reasonable thing: talk openly with his wife about it. If that didn't work, and his wife still refused to give him space, it would have been grounds for divorce.

But what Andaverde did -- staying his own kidnapping -- was just beyond the pale. I don't know how a person can forgive himself for such a despicable ploy. 

What do you think?

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