Why we close our eyes so much

Why is it that we close our eyes when we do certain things -- like hug, kiss, pray, and cry?

That's easy: It's because the most beautiful and exciting things in life are not seen, but felt with the heart.

In other words, we find little need to see anything or anyone, for the intense emotions we experience come from deep within.

Consider people who ride rollercoasters. At some point, they've closed their eyes just before a sharp turn or steep drop. Why? Because they become so consumed by their emotions -- fear and excitement among them -- that visuals seemingly take a back seat. In fact, many people find rollercoaster rides far more exciting when they close their eyes than when they keep them open throughout.

I'm sure you've also noticed that many people -- perhaps including you -- close their eyes while eating scrumptious food, whether a cheese pizza or juicy steak.

And there's no denying that a kiss on the lips doesn't feel as passionate if one's eyes aren't closed. Can you imagine locking eyes with the other person while locking lips? It just wouldn't feel nearly as intense.

Moreover, when many people really get into a song, nothing is more indicative of enjoyment than seeing nothing but eyelids.

And it should come as no surprise that situations that prompt us to close our eyes are among the most memorable ones in our lives, for better or worse. Most of us don't forget our first kiss, our first time riding a rollercoaster, or our first time getting our tooth yanked.

It's not to say that we can't enjoy experiences with our eyes open. But chances are you are not truly overtaken by emotion unless you find yourself closing them.

Do you close your eyes when you get emotional about something?

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