Why some people rather have dates in the week

According to a survey discussed on a local radio station this morning, some people would rather schedule dates for the week than the weekend.

At first blush, this made little sense to me. But the commentator went on to say that doing so serves as a failsafe in case the date goes awry; you can always bail early by saying you have to get up early for work, have stuff to do at home, etc.

While that may be so, what happens if the date goes well? You would have far less time to get to know the other person than if the date were scheduled for the weekend.

Personally, I am not a fan of dates taking place in the week. I like to be relaxed and feel like I have ample time to get ready. That's hard to do after you've worked a full day and may have to spend considerable time in traffic to get home and then leave to wherever it is you're meeting up.

I understand arranging a meeting in the week if scheduling conflicts prevent one or both of you from doing it on the weekend.

But there's no question that sooner or later you'll have to find a way to schedule something for the weekend -- that is, if any future dates are in store.

There are certain kinds of dates that are difficult if not impossible to schedule for the week. For example, going to a concert or ballgame in the week can be a hassle, and getting home after midnight when you have to get up early for work the next day is no fun. If both of you can plan to be off the following day, then that works out a lot better.

Obviously, both parties need to be flexible. If one person has to work weekends, it's only fair that some dates be arranged in the week. There could be other reasons why meeting up in the week might be convenient, e.g., you both work near each other.

But if both of you continuously bicker over when to have your dates, it doesn't bode well for the future. Compromise is one of the essential ingredients to a long-lasting relationship. If it's so hard to come by now, imagine how troublesome things will be down the road.

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