What qualities do you wish more people had?

Which qualities do you possess that you wish other people shared?

In my case, it's two in particular:

1. Non-judgmental: While many other people have a knack for criticizing something about everyone else -- whether it's their weight, house, or the clothes they wear -- I've remained largely non-judgmental throughout my life.

As a kid, I was often teased about my weight, so I know firsthand what that's like. I also refrain from pressuring people into doing things they don't want to do, even if it goes against the grain. In general, many tend to criticize people's looks, decisions, and lifestyles when they deviate from the norm. I'm proud to say I've never been that way.

2. Intellectually curious:  Unfortunately, most people don't share my passion for learning. The vast majority of those I come across are unwilling readers. They admit that they haven't opened a book or watched a documentary since graduating from college.

In my view, this is rather saddening and contributes to the anti-intellectual sentiment that pervades society these days. I wish people were more disposed toward intellectually-stimulating pursuits like visiting museums and less inclined to binge- watch episodes of the Kardashians.

But I respect the fact that we're all different. I would never goad someone to change their personality and interests just to appease me or anyone else. Diversity is something we should all embrace wholeheartedly. No two people are wired alike. Uniqueness is beautiful.

What qualities of yours do you wish others shared?

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