Tricks to getting out of bed

We've all been there: We set the alarm for a specific time in the morning, only to not hear it or repeatedly hit the snooze button. Once we realize what time it is, we scurry to put on our clothes, grab something for breakfast, and dash out the door in hopes of getting to work on time.

But what if I shared some handy tricks for ensuring you get out of bed and have ample time to get ready for work?

It's simple.

First, make sure the song/ringtone you use on your alarm clock or phone is overly obnoxious -- so annoying that you can't help but get up to turn it off. On the other hand, if you opt for tranquil sounds of nature, you'll never have any incentive to get out of bed -- and you risk oversleeping.

You'll also want to set the alarm for 30 minutes to an hour earlier than you'd have to wake up, which will buy you extra time to get all your early morning affairs in order. There's nothing more stressful than having to rush out of your house to make it to work in time for a meeting or presentation.

Second, make sure that you strategically leave the phone or clock within some walking distance of the bed -- say, five or so feet. Leaving it on your nightstand is a no-no; when you hardly have to exert any effort to turn off the alarm, it's all too easy to turn over and continue sleeping.

Thirdly, before even turning off the alarm, make it a habit to turn on the light. Once the alarm is shut off, force yourself to walk away from the bed and toward the bathroom, kitchen, or another area of the house that does not have a bed, couch, or something else to sleep in.

The point is to do anything you can to rev up the engine and distance yourself from anything that may tempt you into getting back under the sheets.

Getting up early for work is no easy task, but we can certainly take steps to ensure we can be out the door at a reasonable time without going into panic mode.

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