Something HORRIBLE many parents are doing

It's appalling to see so many reports in the news of parents leaving their babies in their cars.

How in the world do you forget to get your own kid?

In the most heartbreaking cases, the kids are left in cars so hot that they end up dying.

Parents who do this should undoubtedly be charged for murder and remain behind bars for the rest of their lives. Such utter carelessness is unacceptable.

If people are not ready to shoulder the immense responsibilities of parenthood, they should not have children.

I am on the fence about having kids, but I know that should I choose to become a father, I will never let my child out of my sight.

A child is not a sweater, wallet, or some other object that you can get away with accidentally leaving behind. Such a careless mistake places the child's safety -- and life -- in grave danger.

Not only might heat, a lack of oxygen, and no access to food adversely affect the child, but someone might break into the car and kidnap the infant.

A parent should worry more about their child's safety than their own. To leave one's son or daughter in a car for extended periods of time shows the parent's priorities are out of line and they should leave the child with someone more responsible.

I seriously can't fathom how a parent could carry on living knowing they were responsible for their child's death.

What's your opinion on this?

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