SHOCKING: This retailer will open on Thanksgiving

Just when you thought most major retailers planned to close up shop on Thanksgiving, Macy's said "not so fast." Not only does the department store plan to open on turkey day, it is looking to do so an hour earlier.

Several stores have prioritized their employees' desire to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving over making a quick buck, including IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Dillard's, Home Depot, Lowe's, Marshall's, Sam's Club, and Publix. Unfortunately, Macy's has yet to jump on the bandwagon, doing anything it can to reverse six consecutive quarters of revenue declines.

While some consumers are sure to rejoice at the prospect of snagging big bargains on Thanksgiving Day, others fret at the company's seeming indifference toward affording employees the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones.

What companies don't recognize is that forcing these people to work through the holiday results in low morale and, in many cases, attrition.

Macy's and other stores that insist on staying open on Thanksgiving are sending an unequivocal message: they prefer bigger profits to the wishes of their hard-working employees. You would think that a company as big and successful as Macy's would have the common sense to remain closed on Thanksgiving by now, but that's not the case.

I'll be honest: I patronize Macy's for my clothing needs, but it's things like this that make me question whether I want to remain loyal to the company. If nothing else, it fuels my desire to advise anyone against working for Macy's in any capacity.

Surely, Macy's is capable of finding other ways to generate more revenue, including marking up its prices. But forcing its employees to spend time away from their families on Thanksgiving, I feel, tarnishes its image considerably, which, in the long run, likely hurts the business more than lost profits.

Do you think Macy's is in the wrong for choosing to open on Thanksgiving?

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