Hang around THESE people -- for your own good

We should all prioritize being around that rare breed of people who do one specific thing: bring out the best in us.

We know we're in good company when we feel comfortable, relaxed, intelligent, self-confident and, most importantly, happy. That's why we should strive to be around those who elicit these favorable qualities in us.

That doesn't mean these individuals can't provide constructive criticism. Sometimes we need those we care about to give it to us straight when we neglect to notice or confront our shortcomings ourselves.

But there's a marked difference between offering constructive feedback for your own good that comes from the heart and putting someone down to feel better about themselves. The latter group is the type we should distance ourselves from.

Sometimes, though, we go through tough moments where the only one there for us is ourselves. It's during these difficult times that we must count on ourselves for pep talks; we become our own biggest cheerleader. As studies show, merely smiling can put us in a much better good, and positive thinking has the power to lift us from the depths of despair to the heights of joy.

Being around people who bring out the best in us significantly enhances our well-being, boosts our self-esteem, and gives us a sunnier disposition on life. Sometimes finding such people is a tall order, which is why most of us don't have a long list of people we can say we trust wholeheartedly.

Without a doubt, those who try to put us down deserve no place in our thoughts, hearts, or lives.

Choose those in your life wisely -- there's no reason to settle for less!

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