Fans doing THIS to help rapper get out of debt?!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first read about this.

After it was reported that rapper Nelly owed $2.4 million in taxes to the IRS, fans of the rapper took to Twitter to propose that everyone help Nelly out with his financial troubles by streaming his songs en masse!

The hashtags "#HotInHerreStreamingParty" and "#SaveNelly" trended on Twitter, as Nelly fans exhorted people to stream his 2002 single "Hot in Herre" for repeated listening.

Nelly fans would have to stream the song over 280 million times on Spotify for the rapper to make enough to cover his debt, which is nothing short of far-fetched.

While I find it noble that Nelly's fans would go to such great lengths to help the rapper, this is a classic example of adulation for celebrities gone too far.

It sets a bad example for current and aspiring stars, sending the wrong-headed message that if you become famous enough, your fans will bail you out when you hit dire financial straits.

One fact should not be lost on us: Most celebrities are millionaires. That they would fritter away all their cash and find themselves in debt demonstrates how frivolous they are with their money.

Nelly isn't the first -- nor will he be the last -- famous person to find themselves in the red. We've all heard stories of renowned actors and athletes -- from Mike Tyson and Charlie Sheen to Pamela Anderson and Gary Busey -- who have squandered their wealth.

Once they're able to get back on their feet, I feel it's incumbent upon them -- especially if they've received financial assistance from fans -- to pay it forward by educating the public on ways to be financially responsible, whether they opt to write books or host seminars on the subject. What's more, they should make sizable donations to colleges and universities, as well as charitable organizations that create opportunities for a better life, like the United Way.

Do you find it ridiculous that fans are willing to do all they can get debt-ridden celebrities out of the hole?

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