Ever said or heard this word before?

I sit next to a guy at work who's as punctual as they come; he comes in, eats lunch, and leaves at the same time every single day -- without fail.

When it's time to close up shop, we usually leave at just about the same time. (Have to beat that traffic, you know?)

As I shut down my computer and gather my things, I've made a habit of telling him, "It's time to "skedaddle."

A cursory dictionary search yields the following definition: "to depart quickly or hurriedly; run away."

My coworker has grown so fond of the word that he frequently uses it himself. In other cases, I might say, rather exaggeratedly, "time to make a mad dash for the door," or "time to schlep out of here."

What endeared me to "skedaddle" is that it's such a fun, funky-sounding word. 

Speaking of that coworker who sits next to me, he has his own quirky sense of humor, often substituting "goodbye" with "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" -- no matter what day or month we're in. 

There's no denying that most people look forward to the end of the workday with baited breath, and my coworker and I have put a humorous twist on saying toodle-o. (That's another one I like.)

Had you ever come across "skedaddle" before reading this post? Do you see yourself ever using it?

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