Always be thankful!

It's so easy to take things for granted in life. Many of us get so caught up in our work and responsibilities at home that we forget to give thanks for all we have. Even worse is when we feel compelled to acquire more and more material stuff we may not even need or use.

When I stop and think about how many disadvantaged people would do anything for a little sip of water or cookie crumbs that we may dispose of like nothing, it impresses upon me one valuable moral: Don't complain about what you have, for many people out there would do anything to be in your shoes.

That's why I find it imperative -- as a human being and as a citizen of the global community -- to give to those in need as much and as often as I can.

It was just heartbreaking to watch Hurricane Matthew wreak havoc on Haiti, a country already blighted by poverty, disease, and so many other problems. If I were to win the lottery, I would donate a substantial chunk of the money toward charitable organizations that help sorely needy nations like Haiti.

Not a day should go by where we don't give thanks for the special things and people in our lives. For example, I don't even take my five senses for granted. Can you imagine how many deaf, blind, and mute people would do anything to be able to live a normal life? How about those who can't walk?

Still, I admire those who don't let their handicap get in the way of enjoying life. They should inspire the rest of us to live life to the fullest as well and give back as a token of thanks -- whether it's $50 to charity or volunteering at a children's hospital to give sick children something to smile about.

Count your blessings! And whenever you feel tempted to complain, remember those who would trade their lives for yours in a heartbeat.

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