Why we get so attached to certain songs and movies

If you're like me, there are at least a handful of songs and/or movies that hold a special place in your heart.

We associate certain songs and movies with fond moments and times in our lives.

Examples may include:

  • The first movie you saw with an ex or your current partner
  • A song that was played at your high school prom
  • A song that you'd sing with your friends at summer camp
  • Songs or movies that came out while you were in college, presumably a relaxed and carefree epoch in your life
  • A song or movie that came out during other defining periods in your life, e.g., while you were serving in the war or traveling around the country.
Songs and movies can take us back in time. Perhaps you've noted that a certain song or movie first came out before you had kids, converted to Judaism, began working for your current employer, or bought your two-story house. Indeed, some songs and movies lead us to compare an older version of ourselves (when they were first released) to a newer one (the present).

Hopefully, we're happier with the post-movie/song version of ourselves.

If you say, "Man, I wish I could go back to living in 1985, when Back to the Future hit theaters, it suggests you're not content in the present.

It makes sense for senior citizens, moreover, to wish they could relive their youth. But if you're 40 years old and still wishing you were 25, perhaps you should delve deeper into why you persistently long for the past.

While there's nothing wrong in cherishing great times evoked by older songs and movies, we should always try to remain forward-looking.

As I've stated before, it's our experiences -- not material possessions -- that bring us the most joy. Instead of focusing only on past experiences, we should aim to create new ones, which will of course be conjured up by newer songs you listen to or movies you see around the same time.

As long as we're breathing, we are capable of creating new memories -- whether of climbing a mountain or reading a book in bed with your granddaughter. Never stop enriching your life with new experiences. The songs and movies, among other things (pictures, videos, etc.) will help keep the experience seared into your memory.

Is there a particular movie or song that evokes a special time or event in your life?

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