One word to describe your ideal life

If you were to come up with one word to describe your ideal life, what would it be?

If several come to mind, try to winnow them down to the one word that best captures what you would consider the perfect life.

Words like "rich" and "wealthy" didn't even cross my mind, for I am the farthest thing from materialistic. I think the best things in life tend to be free -- love, knowledge, laughter, companionship.

For me, no word encapsulates the ideal life quite like simple. A self-proclaimed minimalist, I try to reduce as much clutter in my life -- both mental and physical -- as I possibly can.

I respect those who find great fulfillment in owning the biggest houses, roomiest cars, and shiniest baubles. But that's just not me.

I am much easier to please, finding satisfaction in the simplest things -- like reading a great book, taking a relaxing walk around the park, or watching an interesting documentary on TV.

You're probably wondering whether I, as a minimalist, like spending money on anything. It just so happens I do.

I love shelling out money on (1) historic artifacts for my collection, and (2) experiences that enrich me intellectually, whether it's a trip to Washington, D.C., or a jaunt to the local museum.

Traveling doesn't always come cheap, but if it involves something intellectually stimulating, then that's money well spent in my book.

Moreover, I try to minimize stress whenever and wherever possible. That includes avoiding confrontations, resolving conflicts expeditiously, and making judicious decisions rather than ones I'll later regret. In other words, I try to cut out the drama and steer clear of situations (and people) that put me on edge.

A dictum I have come to live by? It's short and sweet: Less is more.

What one word describes your ideal life?

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